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2015 Editor’s Picks: Ken Cook

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FTR‘s motley crew of editors convened this week to discuss our favorite headlines from 2015. You’ve already heard from Managing Editor Ken Duke and Digital Editor Joe Sills. We asked Senior Editor Ken Cook to delve into the vaults of his FTR memory banks and hand pick segments from this year’s publications that stand out to him among the pack. These are his picks:

While all of our content is relevant, readable and useful to the audience we serve, my picks are:

What’s Hot Where (Polly Dean). This is fresh material from issue to issue and it is the first stop for many of our readers. Though a manufacturer may not have product distribution in the northwest, for example, they want to know what is selling there. It is first class content.

Buyer’s Guide (November-December FTR). This directory has become a “must-keep” reference tool for the entire industry. It’s content cannot be found in any other location. Serves the needs of all readers.  

State of the Sportfishing Industry (July FTR). A comprehensive overview of the industry not found in other media. I have the honor of collaborating with Southwick on its content. 

Tackle’s Top Five (Online E-Newsletter). Well-selected, newsy topics provocatively presented. A must-read collection. Sills and Duke prepare topics and supporting copy and visuals. 

Joe Sills Hi there, did you know? Each week, we curate a list of the Top 5 stories in fishing and send them right to your inbox. Reading Tackle’s Top 5 is one of the best ways to become or remain an industry expert. -Joe Sills, Digital Editor