Your business relies on a POS. No—not that chronically late package delivery guy. I’m talking about your point of sale system. Aside from your employees, it’s probably the most useful asset in your shop. But are you using the best one for your store? To find out, we took a look at the most popular POS systems from 2015 to give you a rundown.

There are several dozen POS systems currently on the market, but because you’re a busy person, we’re going to skip the cursory systems and get right to the good stuff. Points were given to products for cost, user experience and features. Reviews are based off of a study earlier this year and our own research.

Lightspeed claims to be “the world’s most powerful point of sale system,” and the product doesn’t miss much. This iPad-based POS comes with an elegant interface and robust management tools. At $89/month, it’s a bit more expensive than most monthly-billed systems, but it’s not going to break the bank.

Revel isn’t cheap, but it is powerful. Its software license fee of $1,000 per iPad per year is steep, and you can tack on $33/month per device for support. The payoff is an infinitely scaleable POS that is designed for large stores with high traffic or high revenue small businesses. Revel is currently in use at stores like Cinnabon, Popeyes (mmm) and Goodwill. It hangs its hat on in depth reporting and customer tracking.

Quetzal was designed with the small business in mind. To that end, it’s mostly been deployed in shoe stores and boutique fashion operations to date. However, that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a shot. Quetzal offers offline processing—so you can take it to field days and events outside of store walls and continue processing payments. It also ties into eCommerce solution Shopify. As with all modern POS systems, you’ll get robust analytics as long as you pony up for the $699/year license per device. If you’re on a budget and still want a powerful POS system, Quetzal offers a 24 month rent-to-own service for $99/mo.

Shopify is the cream of the crop. Widely praised for its affordable rates (ranging from $49-199/month), credit card processing rates in the 2 percent range and affordable sub $700 hardware kits, Shopify is the POS system you’ll need to talk yourself out of. Shopify currently powers some 200,000 businesses and garners ringing endorsements from USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and Fast Company, in part due to its ability to accept almost any form of payment. Seriously—you can create your own fish-scale based currency and use that for in-store transactions. It’s not perfect, but any quest for a new POS system starts here.

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